• Fishmonkey11

    Hey Collagen, If your reading this, We should add all the images for all the Wooparoos (Including the new Leaffie "Myomyo").

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  • Makilovesushi

    Really liking these contests so far! We've got another one on the 20th.

    All you have to do to enter this contest is write in what Roopa and Fircoon are saying relating to the picture :)

    Don't forget to write your answers in the comment section!

    First place winner will receive 10 gems. While 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive 5 gems. Keep in mind Wooparoo Mountain will pick who, come up with a creative and funny conversation between the two!

    Winners will be announced August 25/14. Good luck with the competition!

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  • Makilovesushi

    Oh yeah! Guess what we got after the maintenance?

    A new event! (There are other things too but I'm sure you'll find them) Which means I'm going to explain what to do in this event and the rewards.

    This event can only be done by players who are level 14 or higher. Since in order to get a Phoenix you need to have a wind Wooparoo and a fire Wooparoo.

    The objective of this event is to have you summon the Wooparoo Phoenix a certain amount of times to get a reward.

    • First Tier: You get 200,000 mana orbs
    • Second Tier: 20,000 food
    • Third Tier: 10 gems

    This event lasts until September 2nd, level up to those who aren't at level 14! :o

    Yes I will be doing a page on the Wooparoo Phoenix, keep an eye out for it ;)

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  • Makilovesushi

    I apologize for being late to post this.

    Tonight there will be a maintenance at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. At this time no one will be able to get into the game. Get all your needed things done on there quickly. As for when the game will come back on....that's something I'll need to look into.

    As for the contest, there's one going on in Facebook with posting your village in the contest post. One lucky winner will receive 5,000 food as a prize. The winner will be chosen randomly so don't be sad if you lost, there's always next time. Submissions need to come in before August 18, not on August 18th but before.

    EDIT: Congratulations to Sammy Didrikson for winning the contest!

    There's all the announcements out of the way for now :) happy summon…

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  • Makilovesushi

    Hello everyone, I'm here to tell you about Wooparoo's Mountain's Facebook page and their forum. If you haven't checked them out yet you should! (Especially Facebook because event updates will be posted and contests)

    There's a contest going on in Facebook with guessing a certain Wooparoo's elements, I suggest you take a look at it. The prize is 30 gems if you're one of the people chosen as the winner, 5 winners will randomly be chosen.

    That's all from me for now! Happy playing everyone :)

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  • Makilovesushi

    Wooparoo Mountain is finally available in the US!

    Thanks for waiting patiently it's all ready :D If any of you are looking for friends can enter in our (admin's or contributors) friend codes if you like :)

    But for right now that's pretty much all, there's something else but I'll be doing that in another blog post.

    Until the next blog post folks!

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  • Makilovesushi

    Hello everyone! There's an event going on where you can register a friend's code to become either a mentor or a mentee. Becoming either one gives gems so I highly recommend you participate, you may not know how so I'm going to explain that. (Only level 15 and below players can register as a mentee, however you may register anyone at any level)

    Keep in mind that if you write in a friend's code you will become their mentee! You won't be their mentor, don't say I didn't warn you.

    There's also a specific amount that you can enter to get rewards (about 15) afterwards you won't get rewards for adding anyone.

    Tap notice and there should be a banner, tap that and there should be a place to write down your friend's code.

    Go to options, should be there. …

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  • Makilovesushi

    Well well....wasn't expecting to be another member of another wiki ;) but glad to be here! If you haven't visited our other wiki, DragonFriends Wiki be sure to visit it!

    I'll be doing blog posts on any events that happen in Wooparoo Mountain (if there ever is any) or sales (because obviously they're important) including Facebook events as well when I can. Will be doing blog posts on your opinions about what should be done on here, plus sometimes I'm going to need your help.

    Keep an eye out on our blog posts! ;)

    If you have any suggestions or are able to help out on the wikia be sure to tell ForeverFandoms or me, Makilovesushi :)

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