Here are some tips that will be sure to help you on your journey through Wooparoo Mountain

Mana OrbsEdit

  • During earlier levels, don't farm too much unless you're looking to earn a lot of exp (Only plant seeds from your friends) Save up mana orbs to build other habitats to increase mana orb output.
  • Having habitats with a big capacity for mana orbs will help you gain mana orbs overtime instead of having habitats with a small capacity. Unless you plan on checking in on the game every 5 minutes, build big capacity habitats.
  • Finishing certain achievements will give a lot of mana orbs! Build 10 animated buildings for starters.


  • Farming will be one of your main ways to get experience. (Seeds from your friends will have a higher exp yield)
  • Completing quests will give you quite a bit of experience.
  • Completing achievements will get you some experience.


  • Keep an eye out on events in Facebook! There will be giveaways and contests with gems for prizes.
  • Entering in a friend's code in the Mentor/Mentee event will give you gems. If you're a mentor you can get quite a few...
  • In your magic tower you can get 5 daily, 7, or even more then 7 depending on how much you've upgraded your magic tower.


  • Keep an eye out on events in Facebook! Giveaways and contests with food as prizes!
  • This one is obvious...planting seeds from friends will give a larger amount of food (except first level farm) in a shorter amount of time.


  • If you can't get a certain Wooparoo, try using a different combo! Certain combos work better than others.
  • Don't know how to get a certain Wooparoo? Then look in your friend's Roopa House! (Only applicable to people whom you've become buddies with)