In this page there will be information about the achievements and the titles you can get from completing them.

~ Keep in mind that we haven't got them all yet. We'll continue updating this page as the contributors progress into the game.

How to Check AchievementsEdit

Take a look at the left side of your screen. There should be an icon with a golden trophy saying achieve. Tap on that and that's how you see your achievements.


How to have your Title show upEdit

Go to achievements, afterwards find a button that says change title and tap on it. You can change your title at any time as long as you unlocked it.


List of Wooparoo TitlesEdit

  • Woopafriend

Earned by summoning 30 Wooparoos in total.

  • Woopatrainer

Earned by summoning 60 Wooparoos in total.

  • Sylvan Friend

Earned by summoning 10 Forest (Green element) Wooparoos.

  • Stout Friend

Earned by summoning 10 Earth (Brown element) Wooparoos.

  • Fiery Friend

Earned by summoning 10 Fire (Red element) Wooparoos.

  • Artic Friend

Earned by summoning 10 Ice (Blueish White element) Wooparoos.

  • Fiery Trainer

Earned by summoning 30 Fire (Red element) Wooparoos.

List of Village TitlesEdit

  • Spring Cleaner

Earned by clearing out 20 obstacles in total.

  • The Remover

Earned by clearing out 50 obstacles in total.

  • Spendthrift

Earned by saving up 1,000,000 mana orbs.

  • Penny Pincher

Earned by saving up 2,000,000 mana orbs.

  • Paver

Earned by getting/buying 30 road sections.

  • Expert Paver

Earned by getting/buying 60 road sections.

  • Master Paver

Earned by getting/buying 100 road sections.

  • Security Guard

Earned by buying/building 10 fences.

  • Florist

Earned by buying/planting 10 flower patches.

  • Lumberjack

Earned by buying/planting 10 trees.

  • Mystic Architect

Earned by buying/building 5 animated buildings.

  • Seasoned Mysic Architect

Earned by buying/building 10 animated buildings.

  • Master Mystic Architect

Earned by buying/building 20 animated buildings.

  • Farmhand

Earned by buying 5 farms of any farm.

  • Farmer

Earned by building 7 farms of any farm.

  • Grape Lover

Harvest 100 grapes from a farm.

  • Builder

Build a total of 15 habitats.

List of Social TitlesEdit

  • Polite

Leave 50 messages in your friends' guest books.

  • Social

Leave 100 messages in your friends' guest books.

  • Friendly

Leave 200 messages in your friends' guest books.

  • New Kid

Make 50 different buddies.

  • Kind Soul

Give 30 gems to friends using their magic tower.

  • Seed Planter

Plant 100 seeds at friends' villages.

  • Seed Farmer

Plant 200 seeds at friends' villages.

  • Beginning Booster

Visit friends' villages and activate 100 boosters.

  • Veteran Booster

Visit friends' villages and activate 200 boosters.

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