These features are currently unavailable in the global/English version of Wooparoo Mountain. Some of them have been implemented into Wooparoo Friends, the Japanese incarnation, indicating they will eventually be released.

Take note that the original Korean names are occasionally changed in the global release, so the localized name may appear differently than what is listed below.

Finally, some Wooparoos may have changed abilities (element, earning rates, etc.) from the Korean/Japanese version or be released as either permanent or limited.


Unreleased Wooparoos in promotion of Global versionEdit

Unreleased Wooparoos show up in the Teaser Trailer and in the app information. Some of these Wooparoos are only released in Korean or Japanese version, and do not exist in English version yet.

Wooparoo ListEdit

See Unimplemented features/Wooparoo list article.


Gem typeEdit

The Gem type is exclusive type of 보석 레이 (Gem Ray), 보석 쉐도우 (Gem Shadow), and 보석 골디 (Gem Goldie). They can produce Gems instead of Mana Orbs and they level up by upgrading using Rubies, a new currency obtained through a minigame called 떠돌이 뿌빠 마법사 집 (Ppuppa wandering wizard home?) instead of with Food.

Cloud typeEdit

The Cloud type is the exclusive type of 클라우 (Clou), 미스틱 (Mystic), and 매그너스 (Magnus).

Rainbow typeEdit

The Rainbow type is the exclusive type for 아르코 (Arco), 이리스 (Iris), and 미라쥬 (Mirage).

Sugar typeEdit

One year after the Magic type was released, the Sugar type was introduced at August 13th 2014 and updated with 푸딩 (Pudding), 베쿠베쿠 (Bekubeku), 젤라비 (Jellaby), and Sugar habitats at 9:00AM (KST) of August 14th, 2014. Obtaining the single type Sugar Wooparoo is very similar to Drakee, as the crossing a pair of Wooparoos must contain the Magic and Earth types, and can't containing 4 or more different types unless one of Wooparoo is a basic Wooparoo. These type was confirmed it's opposing type is Water. So you can't use a Pudding with a Hydroar together at the Woopacross.