Hello everyone! There's an event going on where you can register a friend's code to become either a mentor or a mentee. Becoming either one gives gems so I highly recommend you participate, you may not know how so I'm going to explain that. (Only level 15 and below players can register as a mentee, however you may register anyone at any level)

Keep in mind that if you write in a friend's code you will become their mentee! You won't be their mentor, don't say I didn't warn you.

There's also a specific amount that you can enter to get rewards (about 15) afterwards you won't get rewards for adding anyone.

Where to Enter the Code?


Mentor/Mentee event screen on where you should register.

Tap notice and there should be a banner, tap that and there should be a place to write down your friend's code.

Where do I see my code?

Go to options, should be there.

Options page

Now go out there and register! You won't regret it I promise :)

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