Oh yeah! Guess what we got after the maintenance?

A new event! (There are other things too but I'm sure you'll find them) Which means I'm going to explain what to do in this event and the rewards.

This event can only be done by players who are level 14 or higher. Since in order to get a Phoenix you need to have a wind Wooparoo and a fire Wooparoo.

The objective of this event is to have you summon the Wooparoo Phoenix a certain amount of times to get a reward.

  • First Tier: You get 200,000 mana orbs
  • Second Tier: 20,000 food
  • Third Tier: 10 gems

This event lasts until September 2nd, level up to those who aren't at level 14! :o

Yes I will be doing a page on the Wooparoo Phoenix, keep an eye out for it ;)

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